How to change Portfolio Type?

Note:  This is only applicable for the legacy portfolio tool (old version). The old version will soon be deprecated as we are progressing with the development of the new tool (currently on beta version). We highly encourage you to getting accustomed  with the new tool. Click here to try it now.


You can convert your portfolio type to either Watchlist, Holdings, or Transactions Portfolio in a few simple steps,

1. Open your portfolio

2. Click on the Edit Portfolio button 


3. On the Portfolio Editing console, click on the Type of Portfolio to see dropdown options then select desired portfolio type.



4. You may be required to enter additional data or edit columns depending on what type of portfolio you are converting to, see table below for reference. Finalize then Save changes. 

Portfolio Type

      Changes (Additions / Deletions)

Holdings to Transaction

Add Date, Price and Transaction Type

Holdings to Watchlist

System will automatically disable Shares column and delete content

Watchlist to Transaction

Add Date, Shares, Price and Transaction Type

Watchlist to Holdings

Add number of Shares only

Transactions to Watchlist

System will automatically disable all columns except Ticker

Transactions to Holdings

System will automatically disable all columns except Ticker and Shares




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