How to change password

This applies only to accounts that are using Email-based login. For accounts created through Social logins (Google and Facebook). The login credential is fully dependent on the social media account hence password resetting is not applicable in the platform, it can only be done through the social media site. If you want to change your login method, you can follow this guide.


1. Go to your Profile. Just click on the user icon in the upper-right section of the site. 


2. Under your profile, you'll see a provision to change password. Input your new password with at least 8 alphanumeric characters and re-type it in the 'Confirm Password' field.


3. Click the "Update Password" button to save your new password. Your browser will momentarily refresh and you'll be prompted that your changes have been saved successfully.

4. Logout to start using your new password.  


Important Reminder:  To maintain the highest level of security, please remember not to disclose your login details to anyone.



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