Login or access issues

Here are possible reasons for login issues and their solutions: 

1. Wrong Password/Email.
Please check the details you are entering, login credentials are case sensitive. If you forgot your password you can reset it at https://simplywall.st/resetpwd
2. Duplicate Account.
Another reason you might be having trouble is that you actually have created two or more accounts. This happens as you might have used a Social Account (e.g Facebook, Google) once and then created a separate account using an email and password directly on our site or the other way around. Please have it check or send us a message to verify. You can also see this guide on how to find out if you have more than one account


3. If you are unable to login on the Mobile App but can login on the Web App with the same credentials, it could be due to outdated version of the App that is currently installed on your device. Instead of updating, try to uninstall the App then re-download. If the issue persist, please contact us and we will be happy to help.




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