How to deactivate or reactivate the subscription's auto-renewal?

Plan cancellation and auto-renewal reactivation are not available on the mobile app, but you can always access the web platform using your mobile browser through this link

Auto-renewal or subscription cancellation

Auto-renewal reactivation


To deactivate the auto-renewal 

Note: Deactivating the auto-renewal means cancellation of your subscription. Once you've canceled your subscription you will still be able to use and enjoy all the benefits of the plan until the end of the current billing period.

  1. Click the user icon on the upper right corner Menu then select Subscription & Billing


  2. Click on the Cancel Plan button 


Once confirmed, you will see that the status of your subscription is Canceled. This means that your subscription will be automatically canceled at the end of your billing period and your account will be automatically switched to the Free Plan.


To reactivate the auto-renewal 

A. Through the Subscription & Billing page - just click the Renew Plan button.



B. Through the Plans & Pricing page - click the Renew button under your current plan. You will be redirected to your Subscription & Billing page where you need to do the steps above.






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