Can I import my transaction data?

Yes, in addition to just importing a watchlist or your holdings you can import a full set of transactions.

To do this you will first need a .CSV file with a list of all your transactions in, this can usually be downloaded from your broker or is available upon request. Note that the full transaction history must be present for us to be able to calculate the correct value of the Portfolio.

To import transactions the following columns are required:

  • Ticker symbol (including exchange if outside of US)
  • Date of transaction
  • Number of shares transacted *
  • Buy/ Sell price **
  • Transaction type

When you select a transaction date the end of day price will be automatically populated if you've selected a trading day (i.e. not a weekend or holiday). This can help you understand a likely price range you may have bought or sold at.

* Please enter pre-split numbers of shares as Simply Wall St handles all stock split calculations
** Please enter pre-split price. Prices are in whole monetary units, e.g. GBP (pounds) rather than GBX (pence).

Please follow the steps in our Import tool and contact us with any questions.

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