How to discover new investment opportunities (Discover section)

Grid Views are collections of stocks (represented by their Snowflakes) based on certain criteria. That criteria can be anything starting with the Snowflake shape and score to more specific ones like any of the metrics from our analysis or industries and markets.




When looking for new investment opportunities, Grid Views and Snowflakes make it possible for you to instantly understand investment profiles of the companies you are looking at. This allows you to quickly find out which stocks are worth of researching further.





List of companies in the Discover section or to any of our grid-views should not be interpreted as promoted companies. These companies are part of the list as they have passed on a pre-defined fundamental parameters.

The size and color of the Snowflake are not considered as buy/sell recommendations! Just a way for you to get a quick snapshot of a company. You should always dive into the full report to decide on whether an investment is for you.

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