Missing company reports or tickers

There could be a couple of reasons why your company or a ticker symbol is not appearing.

1. We might not cover the market where your stock is listed. See complete list of global markets that we cover.

2. We have limited data and coverage on funds, indexes and some ETFs. We will be adding more of these types of entities in the future for the purposes of tracking in your portfolio. If you are unsure about this, you may read this article on why a stock or ETF can't be found on Simply Wall St platform.

3. During an Analysis update a company may not be accessible temporarily but will reappear after the update is completed. We suggest that you clear your browser's cache then try accessing it again at a later time.

4. If a stock has been delisted or it has no trading activity for the past 30days.

5. If the company has changed its name or ticker symbol.

6. Preferred Stocks that are not listed under equities section in the Balance Sheet.

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