Where does Simply Wall St source its financial data?

All of our data comes from S&P Global Market Intelligence, the world’s premier provider of financial data.  


This includes data on company fundamentals, management and governance, pricing, past financials, and future estimates from different brokers and analysts. The analysts on the S&P Capital IQ platform are some of the most recognized financial institutions in the world, such as:



You can view the full list of analysts included in S&P Capital IQ's data platform.

Industry average and market average data is computed by Simply Wall St, with inputs from an aggregation of company data from the S&P database. You can read more about this in our analysis model documentation.

How is the financial data gathered?

S&P Global uses a wide variety of sources and techniques to collect and maintain reliable data covering global information. Past financials and company-specific data are sourced from audited public filings, company websites, news and events. Future estimates are a consensus of forecasts provided by global industry brokerage houses to ensure premium, institutional-quality data.

How do I validate the reliability of information?

You may check our data against the company filings made available through regulatory bodies (such as the SEC in United States), the market exchange where your stock is listed (e.g. NASDAQ), or company websites. We discourage validating information against unaudited sources such as the news.

What if I spot an error in the data?

Errors in our financial data often turn out to be a difference in calculation methodology. For example; our financial data is presented in ‘trailing twelve months’ form as supposed to quarterly or annual which can be very out of date. If you do believe there is an error in our data, please send us an email at support@simplywallst.com and provide source like financial statement released by the company.




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