Simply Wall St basic navigation guide

Here are the main sections of our platform:



1. Home - The default landing page when signing on the platform where the default portfolio for the account loads. It is also called the "Dashboard". If you have not yet created your own portfolio there is a system generated portfolio (no content) named "My Watchlist" that you can edit to enter your stocks.


2. Stocks - It contains the list of all stocks covered on our platform where you can do basic filtering of specific Market and Industry


3. Discover - Contains sample portfolios and "Investing Ideas". Investing Ideas are those pre-filtered stocks based on fundamental parameters. You can view or edit the parameters used for each investing ideas through the Edit in Screener link.


4. Portfolios - This is where you can create your own portfolio or manage existing ones that you have already created.


5. Screener - A tool for filtering stocks based on Country/Market, Industry, fundamental parameters through Advanced Filters and you can also screen stocks based on the Snowflake scores. You can also save your own screener so you can just simply access it later whenever you need it without setting parameters again.


6. Search field is always available on the top portion of the platform with a magnifying glass-like icon. 

TIP here: Since our coverage is global, we recommend entering complete ticker symbol when searching for a stock in order for the system to quickly match to your expected result. Example, instead of entering AAPL for Apple's Nasdaq listed stock, you can type NasdaqGS:AAPL.


7. Profile and Account settingscan be accessed by clicking the name on the upper right corner menu for desktop and via More option through the mobile app. It is also where you can find Logout button should you wish to sign-out from the platform.

 A. Profile - Contains basic details like login type (Social login or local), your registered email address, name and date of registration. If your account was created locally (email based login) there is a dedicated fields for managing password but this is not applicable for those accounts that uses social login (Google or Facebook).

B. Plan - Information about the existing plan the account is currently active on. This section is where you can also find the 10 slots of available companies that can be viewed if the account is on the free learner plan. Learn more about our subscription plan limits at

C. Billing - This section is where you can manage your payment details and download invoice (if subscribed to a paid plan).

D. Notifications - For setting and selecting which type of email you would like to receive from us.

E. Beta Lab - Here you can access some experiments we are working on but aren’t quite ready to roll out to all customers.

F. Help Center - section to contact us and other user guides.


If you want to learn more about our Snowflake and how it works, please go to

You can also read and review the documentation of our analysis model to better understand how we analyze companies and generate report. You can access the documentation through this link



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