How to Merge portfolios

Since automated consolidating of multiple portfolios is not available on our platform, you may merge your portfolios manually by combining the transactions in each portfolio. You can create a separate portfolio and put all your transactions from across other portfolios to make a master portfolio.

To do this:

1. Log in to your account and go to your Portfolios section. Just open different tabs for your existing portfolios so you can easily copy the transaction entries from different portfolios. To do this, do a right-click on any of your portfolios that you want to merge and select the "Open link in new tab" option


2. Then click the Edit Portfolio button to show the transaction entries you need to copy.  Select all your transactions and copy by doing the Ctrl+C command. See sample screenshots below.


3. Go back to the original tab where your Portfolio's section is​ open. Click the New Portfolio button to create a new portfolio where you're going to paste the transaction entries from other portfolios you want to consolidate.


4. Select the Copy and Paste method of importing transactions data.


5. Paste (Ctrl+V) the copied transaction, then proceed to the next steps.


Alternatively, you may also opt to create a CSV file of all the transaction entries by copying from the portfolios you want to merge (step 2) and pasting it into an excel sheet. Then you may upload the CSV file when you create a new portfolio that will serve as the master portfolio.


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