Ownership breakdown and Insider trading transactions

What is considered an insider transaction on Simply Wall St?

Insider trading is defined as a transaction from an internal stakeholder with an interest in the company's stock. More specifically, this includes directors, officers or employees of a company who are required to report to the relevant regulatory body when they buy or sell shares in their company.

It can also include institutions or companies which have beneficial ownership in the company. Institutions or companies can be an insider traders as they can act as an individual legally (also known as a juridical person)

The aggregate of these types of transactions contributes to the changes in total insider ownership on our app.


Why can't some insider transactions be found?

On the Simply Wall St app, we only present the list of insider trading transactions executed by the individuals (directors, officers or employees of a company) and list their transactions executed on the open market.

We exclude transactions that are done automatically or through derivative/options exercise.

Transactions on the open market require personal capital from the insiders. This way, we can have a more reliable indicator of their sentiments toward the value of the company.

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