Which of my Portfolios are captured in the Weekly Update email

If you have more than 3 portfolios on our platform, our weekly email update will select your top 3 portfolios using the following criteria to determine their priority for inclusion. They are prioritised as follows:

  1. Any portfolios with the most number of transactions
  2. Then any portfolios with the most number of holdings
  3. Finally, any portfolios that are watchlists 

However, if you don’t have any portfolio created on our platform, we will create an imaginary portfolio for you according to whatever stocks you have searched for on Simply Wall Street.

At the top of the email, you’ll notice we discuss a certain market (e.g. US) and industry (e.g. retail). The market is determined by whichever market you have the most holdings in, and the industry is determined by whatever industry you have most of your portfolio invested in.


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