I am unable to add a stock/ ETF to a Portfolio

If you are unable to add a stock or ETF to your portfolio in the “Edit Portfolio” section, it is likely that the ticker symbol/name does not match, or the ETF is not currently available to add on our platform. 

When adding stocks, sometimes the ticker symbol you’re entering might be slightly different to our format. To make sure they match, you can follow the below steps, or you can read more about our formatting here.

Sometimes it’s helpful to type in just the stock name or ticker symbol, ignoring the exchange symbol.

For example, for Amazon, if you were to type in NASDAQ:AMZN, our system would not recognise it because it does not match our name formatting.

However, if you type in just “amzn” (the ticker symbol without the exchange) or “Amazon” (a part of the company name), our system will show all the listings that match that entry in some way or another, as you can see here below. You can then click one of the below suggestions and the green tick will appear.

As for ETFs, we currently only have a select few in our system, as discussed in this article, so the current availability of what can be added to your portfolio for tracking purposes is limited. Though we are looking to add more in the future!

To search an ETF, it is the same process as above, you can type in the ticker symbol and select the ETF that matches what you’re after. If nothing shows up, unfortunately, that is likely an ETF that is not listed on our platform yet, or you might have to double-check the ticker symbol is correct.


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