How to: Create a watchlist portfolio

If you’d like to add a new watchlist, the process is very similar to creating any portfolio, and it’s quite easy.


Step 1: Firstly, go to the Portfolios tab up the top of your home screen and click the New Portfolio button


Step 2: Next, you’ll be prompted to choose a name and base currency for your new watchlist, then click next.

If you have multiple currencies that will be in your watchlist, don’t worry, we convert all the different currencies to the base currency you select. More details can be found here.)



Step 3: From this page, you’ll want to select Watchlist.


Step 4: You can choose how you’d like to start creating your watchlist. This can be done in 3 ways.  

  1. Upload a CSV file (we provide an example of what your CSV should look like).
  2. A Copy and Paste from a spreadsheet or
  3. Simply enter the stock tickers manually.


Step 5: If you’d like to read about our ticker symbol format so that you enter the details correctly, you can find more information here.


Step 6: Finally, when you’ve entered all the ticker symbols for the stocks you want in your Watchlist, select Create up the top right-hand corner to finish!

You will then be directed to your Watchlist where you can view all the details!


Alternatively, if you’re not after a watchlist, and instead would like to create a Holdings portfolio or a Transactions Portfolio with details of your historical trades, they are very similar and instructions can be found here.

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