Detailed Returns report - Troubleshooting

Here are some common questions that users have about the Detailed Returns report. 


Q: Why can’t I scroll down?

A: To scroll down on your report, use the bar at the right-hand side of the screen and drag.


Q: How can I calculate my capital gain and dividend return for a financial year?

A: To determine these, you can amend the start date and end date of the financial year that you would like to review. At the top of the page, you can amend the dates depending on what financial year you’re looking for here.

Once you have selected the dates, click Update.

Then, once your report has updated, you can review your capital gains and dividends for that Financial Year either for your whole portfolio at the top of the report, or for each individual holding, further down the page.

Portfolio capital gains and dividends:

Individual holding capital gains and dividends


Q: Where can I see dividend payments or stock splits?

A: If a stock in your portfolio has undergone a stock split or pays any dividends, these details will appear within the holding’s details (under the blue cells). More information on stock splits can be found below under (Q: My portfolio return differs from my portfolio's actual performance?)


Q: Why is there a stock in my report that I didn’t add?

A: Sometimes a stock will remain in your portfolio and then show in your returns report if you don’t delete it after you change from a Watchlist or Holdings portfolio to a transaction portfolio. To delete these, please go to the Edit portfolio section on your portfolio page and remove the entry by deleting any lines associated with that stock that you want to remove.


Q: Where can I see the gains/losses from currencies?

A: Hover your cursor over the non-base currency cells or total return cells to see how the currency is converted or how it has contributed to your total returns. If you’d like more detailed on how the conversions are performed, click here.

To see a currency contribution to portfolio performance

To see what rate a currency was converted at for an individual holding.


Q: My portfolio return differs from my portfolio's actual performance?

A: If you notice your returns differ from your actual brokerage account, this can be for two reasons. Firstly, your SWS portfolio does not by default include brokerage or other fees (you can view how to manually add them here (link to brokerage article)[a], or sometimes our users enter post-stock-split data when our system is already able to account for stock splits. So if you own some shares that have undergone a stock split, you will need to enter into your portfolio the pre-split stock price and shares, because our system is able to account for the stock split if it happens during the period. 


Q: How is CAGR Calculated?

A: The average years invested column is the basis of the CAGR calculation. This number you see is based on the weighted average invested period that you held the stock.

Q: How are dividends from a different currency converted?

A: Dividends from a different currency are converted to your portfolio’s base currency as at the pay date. 


Q: How are reinvested dividends treated?

A: Reinvested dividends are converted into shares at the closing price on the day that the dividend was paid.


Q: How should I enter share prices and costs for UK listed stocks?

A: For the UK exchange, our system reads in pounds, not pence.

If you have any more questions that aren’t addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us

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