How to change login method or email address

To change login method

Changing login method is only applicable if your account was created through Social Accounts (e.g Facebook or Google) and process is quite straightforward.

1. To do this, please log into your account using the social sign-on (Google/Facebook) associated with your account.

2. Go to your user Profile. Just click on your name in the top right section of the site.



3. Look for and click on the Convert to email login button.


4. Input new login password at the bottom of the screen and save. You can then use the new login method (labeled as "Continue with Email") the next time you login to the platform.




To change email address

1. Just simply override the existing email address by erasing it then adding the new email address that you want to use.

2. Click on the Update Details button to save changes. 



If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on this guide to reset password.


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