Unable to log into my account

We are sorry you are having difficulty logging into your account. Here are some reasons and solutions:

1. Wrong Password/Email

The email or password you’ve entered is incorrect. Please check the details again, and note that login credentials are case-sensitive. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

2. Duplicate Account

You might have created two or more accounts by accident. This happens if you log into Simply Wall St via a different method to when you signed up originally and the email linked to that account is different. Example: You sign up using the Facebook link which is connected to your personal email, then you log in again using Gmail which is connected to your work email.

If you are unsure about the email you used to sign up, please check your inbox for our welcome email. It would have been sent via “no-reply@simplywall.st”. In this email you will find the login method you used to register with us. See screenshot below.


If you have duplicate accounts, follow this article to find out how to delete the unused account.


3. Your mobile app version might be outdated

If you are unable to log in on the mobile app but can log in on the web app with the same credentials, it could be due to an outdated version of the app. Please try to uninstall the App then re-install. Also, consider checking your app permissions on your device.


Clear Browsing Data on your Web Browser

Your web browser might be picking up your duplicate account. Once the duplicate account[c] is deleted, please clear your browser's cookies, then retry logging in.

To clear your browsing data:

Step 1: Please click on the 3 dots at the top right of your browser and go to “more tools”.


Step 2: Select Clear Browsing Data.


Step 3: Clear your “Cookies and other site data”, from the original sign update, or all time if unsure.  

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