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Before deleting your account, please note:

Deleting Simply Wall St account

To delete your account, please log into your account, and follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Go to your user Profile which you can access on the upper right corner menu.

Note: If you have forgotten your account password, you may request a password reset through this link.

You may view our article on How to reset password and recover your account




Step 2: Select Delete Account



Step 3: You will be sent a confirmation email, please click the Confirm in that email as shown on the screenshot below. Your account and all records will be removed from our system. The link expires 2 minutes after the request.


If you got an error message saying "400: Invalid OTP token", this means that the link you have used was already expired. However, if you are already using the link within the validity time and still were not able to successfully delete your account, please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies and request another one.


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