How to create your first stock screener

Step 1: Go to the Screener tab on the top of the page where you should be able to see four key filters that you can use to screen stocks.


Step 2: Say you want to filter by country or market, click on “Add” under “Filter by Market”. This should bring up a list of countries and exchanges.


Step 3: You have the option of narrowing your search further by choosing the desired stock exchange.

For example, if you wish to screen stocks on the NYSE. Enter NYSE on the search tab and click on “NYSE- New York Stock Exchange” under “United States” and click “Done”.

Step 4: You can continue filtering your stocks by industry. Click on “Add” under “Filter by industry”.


Step 5: Let’s say you want a list of healthcare stocks. Click on “Healthcare” and click “Done.”

If you are looking for a more specific type of healthcare stocks, simply click on any of the options that meet your criteria under “Healthcare” and click “Done”. This should provide you with a more specific set of companies.


Step 6: The above steps should bring up a list of healthcare stocks in the US that trade on the NYSE.

Step 7: Sorting

The two dropdown menus on the right should allow you to sort the results in many different ways including market capitalization, total or individual snowflake scores and other key metrics.

The dropdown on the far right should allow you to choose the direction. For example, if you are looking for companies with the highest market capitalizations, simply click on “Market Cap” under “Sort by” and choose the direction as High to Low.



Step 8: Save your screener

You have the option to save this screener by clicking on “Save Screener” and providing a name and description before clicking “Confirm”. 


This way you can come back to this saved screener whenever you wish to, without having to set the same parameters again.


Step 9: You can continue filtering stocks for fundamental parameters through Advanced Filters or snowflake scores.

See the article on How to create advanced filters.

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