I am still on Free Plan after upgrading

I am still on Free Plan after upgrading

There are a few scenarios that can mean you appear to still be on the Free Plan after upgrading which are explained below. 

Possibility 1: Cached settings

Web browsers use cookies and cache to keep your settings consistent between sessions. The status of your subscription can also be cached here and sometimes this might not be updated after you upgrade. Clearing your cookies and cache can ensure

Follow these instructions to clear the cookies and cache on your browser.

Possibility 2: You are logged into a different account

This scenario is common especially if you are using a different device to the one you originally updated using. You may have created another account by mistake and so are not actually logged in on the same account as the one you subscribed.

Follow these instructions to check if you do have duplicate/ multiple accounts.


If neither above possibilities is the problem please Contact Support and we can look into the problem for you urgently.



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