How to find out if you have more than one account

If you log into Simply Wall St via a different method to when you signed up originally, and the email linked to that account is different, it will result in duplicate accounts.

Example: You sign up using the Facebook link which is connected to your personal email, then you log in again using Gmail which is connected to your work email, you will have 2 accounts.

If you are unsure about the email you used to sign up, please check your inbox for our welcome email. It would have been sent via “” with the subject “Welcome to Simply Wall St”. In this email, you will find the login method you used to register with us. See screenshot below.



How to check if you have multiple accounts

Step 1: Check your email accounts for Welcome email

  1. Go to your main email accounts (e.g. Google Mail), or the ones the you might be using to sign up to online services
  2. Search for” with the subject “Welcome to Simply Wall St”
  3. Look in the top right of the email for the login method



Step 2: Log in to your accounts

  1. Try to login to each of your accounts
  2. If you are stuck use the Reset Password form to access the account (this works for both email and social accounts) or see this guide on how to reset and recover your account.
  3. Decide which account you want to use (if you have a subscription, best to keep this one!)

TIP:  Delete unwanted accounts to avoid login confusion in the future. Please see this guide on how to delete an account.




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