How to: Upload CSV File for Transactions Portfolio

Important note before you proceed: This article is applicable only for the legacy portfolio. 


How to upload CSV file for transactions portfolio

1. Go to Portfolios tab


2. At the bottom part of the Portfolio page, click on "Create a Legacy Portfolio".


3. Set the portfolio information (portfolio name and currency) then click Next.



4. Select Portfolio with Transactions 



5. Choose upload CSV file using the Select a CSV file to import button (you can also download a sample CSV file so you can see proper formatting - Click here to download sample now)​



6. Match corresponding columns and then click on the Create button.



IMPORTANT: Not all CSV file from brokers are readily available for uploading to our platform, you may need to do some formatting. We highly recommend following this sample formatted CSV file for smoother importing or to avoid any inconveniences. In case your csv file doesn't conform to the recommended format, you may consider creating different portfolio type (Watchlist or Holdings) where fewer data and columns are required.


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