How to update my Credit/Debit Card details


The option to add or update your payment information is not available using the mobile app and can only be done on our web platform through this link.


1. Go to your Subscription & Billing section.

Note: The Subscription & Billing section is only available on the web platform and for accounts under the Free plan or any paid subscriptions. If the account is on the free trial period, kindly refer to this link on how to upgrade your account


2. Select Update Payment Details


3. Under the Payment Method section, just click the +Add payment method link and enter your credit card information.


4. Make sure to tick the "Use as default payment method" option then click the Add button.


Once added, you will see that you already have 2 payment methods on the record. You may delete the old credit/debit card by clicking the 3 horizontal dots beside the old card's expiration date and selecting the Delete option.




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