How to Delete a Portfolio


Ways of deleting of portfolio depends on what version you are using, you can select from the below options:


Deleting Portfolio on the Beta tool (New version)

  • Simply access the specific portfolio that you intend to delete; then
  • Click on the 3 dots on the upper right portion to access the dropdown list where you have the option to Delete Portfolio as shown in the screenshot below



Deleting Portfolio on the Legacy tool (Old version)

Note: The old version will soon be deprecated as we are progressing with the development of the new tool (currently on beta version). We highly encourage you to getting accustomed  with the new tool. Click here to try it now.

To delete your desired portfolio, simply access the portfolio analysis page and click the “More Actions” button located on the portfolio background image, then click the “Delete” option. 


If you are trying to delete a linked portfolio from the legacy tool, unfortunately, the delete button is not available.

You may request for your linked portfolios to be deleted by sending us an email at or through our contact form.


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