How to: Link portfolio from your broker to Simply Wall St

Linking portfolios make seamless viewing of the analysis of your broker portfolio without having manual entries of transactions to your Simply Wall St account.

Sharesight is the only third party that can be linked with us for now. For other brokers, we are still exploring more viable and efficient solutions to link them to us. If you wish to get your broker linked with us, you may consider submitting a request or idea through our product board here or learn how to create a transactions portfolio using a CSV file.


You may link your Sharesight account by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “Portfolios” tab.


  1. Click the “New Portfolio” button.


  1. Once done, click the “Or link your Portfolio via Sharesight” then you will be routed to a link where you can log in to your Sharesight account to authenticate the linking.



  • You can only link one Sharesight login account but all your portfolios on your Sharesight will automatically populate on Simply Wall St upon successful linking.
  • You can only unlink or delete your linked Sharesight portfolio by contacting our Support Team directly at
  • Values may not be in synchronization with your Sharesight account at all times due to data update intervals. Please note that we only use end-of-day prices on our platform.
  • Some of your assets/securities listed on your Sharesight account may not populate on our platform example of which are mutual funds and some ETFs. These types of investments are not available on our platform. Learn more on why some stocks cannot be found on Simply Wall St.



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