What: Subscription Plan Limits & Comparison

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  1. Plans summary overview
  2. Company Views limit
  3. Resetting limit
  4. Portfolio stocks limit

Plans Summary

Free Plan

      • Limited to only 5 company reports per month
      • Only 5 stocks will be analyzed across all transactions type of portfolios
      • Unlimited stocks analyzed across all watchlist and holdings portfolios

Premium Plan

      • Limited to only 30 company reports per month
      • Only 30 stocks will be analyzed across all transactions portfolios
      • Unlimited stocks analyzed across all watchlist and holdings portfolios
      • Screener feature

Unlimited Plan

      • Unlimited Company reports
      • Unlimited stocks analysed across all portfolio
      • Stock Screener feature
      • Company report Excel and PDF export feature


Company Views limit

Each month, Premium Plan users are only limited to view 30 stocks while Free Plan users are limited to 5.

Q: How will I know if I will be using a company view credit/slot? What if I opened a company report by mistake, will it be counted?

For Premium Plan users, as long as you have not viewed the whole company report, it will not take a slot from the allotted 30 company views credit. Once you click the View Report button when you reach the Valuation section, that's the only time it will be added to your viewed companies and will be considered as 1 credit used.


Free users and trialing, however, will not have this prompt to decide whether to view the full report and use one slot. If you opened a company report, regardless of whether you have viewed the full report or not, it will immediately take 1 slot from the 5 company views allotted per month.

Q: Does opening 1 company report multiple times be counted as 1 company view slot only?

Yes. Once the stock is added to your Viewed Company list for that particular month, it will only take 1 slot from the allotted limit regardless of how many times you open it. 


Resetting of limit

The slots for the company report views will reset monthly based on your subscription date. For example, if you subscribed to the Premium Plan or your subscription has been switched to the Free Plan on April 5, 2021, the allotted company views limit will also reset every 5th of the month.

Q: What should I do if I already used up all my Company Views limits?

You’d normally be prompted to upgrade your subscription as soon as you maxed out your limit. You may choose to upgrade to the Unlimited plan or wait for your monthly reset day as explained above.

To review the companies you have previously viewed and the number of days that you need to wait for when a slot becomes available again, simply click the user icon then click the "View Companies" button.



Portfolio Stocks limit

Only the stocks you have in your Transactions type portfolio will be the basis of the limit. Under the Free Plan, only 5 companies are analyzed across your transactions portfolio while under the Premium Plan, 30 companies are analyzed. The stocks you have for your Watchlist and Holdings types of portfolios are not accounted for. 

Also, the stock analysis limit in your portfolio is based on the order of your transactions portfolio creation if you have multiple ones.

For example (Premium Plan):

  1. You have created 3 Transactions type of portfolios in chronological order - Portfolio A with 12 stocks, then created Portfolio B with 15 stocks, and lastly, created Portfolio C with 7 stocks. Since only 30 stocks will be analyzed across all your transactions portfolios, the system will prioritize the stocks in the portfolios that were created first. Therefore, only 3 stocks will be analyzed in Portfolio C since the other 27 slots were already taken by the stocks in Portfolio A and Portfolio B.
  2. Based on example 1 - You added 1 stock to Portfolio A (now a total of 13 stocks), then added 1 stock to Portfolio B (a total of 16 stocks). Portfolio C will now only show 1 company being analyzed since the system prioritized those stocks under the first 2 Portfolios created.


Q: What should I do if I’ve reached my Portfolio Stock limit?

You’d normally be prompted that you have reached your portfolio stock limit. The only way to lift your limit is to upgrade to the Unlimited plan. Click here to see how to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan.


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