▶️ Getting started with the Watchlist and Portfolios


The new dedicated Watchlist

Watch Michael Paige, one of our Analysts here in Simply Wall St, demonstrating the basics on how to use the dedicated Watchlist on our platform

NOTE: You can only add maximum of 50 stocks on a watchlist. Please disregard the XX/200 shown in the above demo.


Our Portfolio Tool

Follow Al as he explains the Simply Wall St Watchlist and Portfolio features as part of our 'Getting Started' series.

0:00 - Introduction
0:37 - Adding companies to your watchlist portfolio
1:40 - Dashboard features explained
2:57 - Adding holdings to your Portfolio
4:36 - Portfolio analysis explained
9:22 - Detailed returns report explained
10:46 - Transaction portfolio set up
13:03 - Transaction portfolio analysis explained
14:22 - Multi-currency support


Learn more about portfolios here.



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