How to: Create or link a portfolio

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    1. What you need to know first: the Beta (New) vs Legacy (old) portfolio
    2. Creating portfolio with the Beta tool (new version)
    3. Creating portfolio with the Legacy tool (old version)


Beta vs Legacy  portfolio tool



Creating portfolio with the Beta tool (new version)

Note: Only users with US and AU brokers are able to utilize the New portfolio tool, we are streamlining our development to allow others to either link or create manual portfolio soon. Meanwhile, if your broker is not available, you can utilize the legacy portfolio tool. Proceed with the below steps to check if your broker is already covered on our platform.

Here's are the simple steps to start linking your portfolio:

1. Make sure to be logged in first to your Simply Wall St Account

Proceed to the Portfolios tab and you should be able to see a banner to Try New Portfolio or your can go directly to the linking page by clicking here.


3. Click on the broker search field to type in or select your broker from the list


4. You will be prompted with security reminders. Just click on the Continue button to proceed

5. Enter required credentials.


FAQs about linking portfolio

How secure is the linking facility?
Our linking partner uses OAuth2 connections where possible to avoid storing your login credentials. Simply Wall St do not store or capture your broker login credentials.

How many brokers can I link?
You can link multiple brokers but only one account per broker can be linked for each.

How do I create another portfolio?
You can simply repeat same steps above on how to link a portfolio or click here to link another portfolio.

What will I expect after linking?
After linking you'd be able to enjoy:

        • Receive Portfolio Weekly Email Update
        • Get alerted with Important updates happening on individual companies in your portfolio
        • Review your portfolio performance and the details of each holdings (compare it to market or soon on popular indices or funds)
        • Seamless updating between your broker account and in your Simply Wall St app.

Can I create portfolio without linking?
Not at this point but this is a work in progress that we are streamlining to release in the near term




Creating portfolio with the legacy tool (old version)

Note: The old version will soon be deprecated as we are progressing with the development of the new tool (currently on beta version). We highly encourage you to getting accustomed  with the new tool. You can also learn more about it on this article from our product team discussing about the development of our new portfolio tool.

If you are logged in to your Simply Wall St account now, just simply go to this link:

1. Go to Portfolios tab then click the New Portfolio button


2. Create your portfolio name and select your portfolio’s base currency. Your selected base currency will be the basis of conversion once you enter multi-currency transactions.



3. On the next page, select the type of portfolio you would like to create.


 Please take note of the data required for each type of portfolio.

 Learn more about the difference between these types of portfolios.


4. After selecting the type of portfolio, choose what method you are going to use for data input.



5. Once you have successfully filled up the needed information and matched columns, simply click on the Create button to save all the data you have provided.


Things to take note when creating a Transactions Portfolio:

  • For stocks that have a currency other than your portfolio’s base currency, the entry should be based on the original listing currency. The system will automatically convert it to the currency you have chosen for your portfolio. If you enter a converted price, it will create a wrong converted value, as if the value will be converted twice. 
  • Our portfolio management tool automatically recognizes and adjusts dividends and splits. Hence, when inputting stock prices, it requires entries to be using the original data (pre-split).


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