How to link a portfolio

NOTE: Available only for certain countries. Click here to see the list of supported countries.

Here are the simple steps to start linking your portfolio:

1. Make sure to be logged in first to your Simply Wall St Account

Proceed to the Portfolios tab then click the +Portfolio button located in the upper right corner of the page. You can also go directly to the linking page by clicking here.

3. Click on the broker search field to type in or select your broker from the list


4. You will be prompted with security reminders. Just click on the Continue button to proceed

5. Enter required credentials.


Questions you might have about linking of portfolio

How secure is the linking facility?
Our linking partner uses OAuth2 connections where possible to avoid storing your login credentials. Simply Wall St do not store or capture your broker login credentials. Learn more about this here.

How many brokers can I link?
You can link multiple brokers but only one account per broker can be linked for each.

How do I create another portfolio?
You can simply repeat same steps above on how to link a portfolio or click here to link another portfolio.

What will I expect after linking?
After linking you'd be able to enjoy:

        • Receive Portfolio Weekly Email Update
        • Get alerted with Important updates happening on individual companies in your portfolio
        • Review your portfolio performance and the details of each holdings (compare it to market or soon on popular indices or funds)
        • Seamless updating between your broker account and in your Simply Wall St app.

Can I create portfolio without linking?
Yes, manual portfolio creation is always available. See this guide on how to manually create a portfolio.



Linking portfolio with the legacy tool (old version)

The old version will soon be deprecated and we stopped supporting it as we are progressing with the development of the new Portfolio tool - we highly encourage you to get accustomed to it. You can also learn more about our portfolio development roadmap here.

Hover and click here to see more FAQs related to the legacy portfolio.


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