I’m having trouble linking my broker/portfolio

There can be different factors that may cause issue when linking your portfolio to Simply Wall St.

Please keep in mind that the portfolio information we provide relies on data obtained from your broker. Changes on their end may sometimes disrupt the service temporarily. Rest assured that we are continuously working to ensure seamless data synchronisation and provide the most accurate and timely information possible.

Problems and solutions


1. "Keeps loading" state

  • If it's your first time to link (as in you have not yet attempted to enter credentials in the linking modal) it could be your internet connection or firewall.

    Solution: Disable or avoid using ad-blocker (if any) or try using a different browser. We highly recommend using Google Chrome (normal mode) as it is the optimal browser for Simply Wall St.

  • If you previously attempted to link but did not continue, a blank inaccessible portfolio may have been temporarily created. The page may look like in the below screenshot

    a. You go directly to the linking page by clicking here.; or

    b. You can also delete the temporarily created portfolio manually. Just click on the 3 dots found on the upper right portion to get the dropdown list to show the Delete Portfolio option as shown in the below screenshot.


2. Entered broker credentials but still not linking

  • You might have an enabled 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Check and try to disable it.
  • You might have selected an incorrect broker from the list.
  • Your portfolio account type may not be supported. Some brokers may support international account/trading. These types of accounts currently cannot be linked to Simply Wall St. You can only link an account that is permitted to trade the local market only (the domicile market of your broker). We are currently in the process of expanding our coverage to address this.

Revisit the portfolio page and retry linking here.


3. My portfolio disappeared after linking

  • Some brokers revoke their linking authorization for various reasons (for example they may only allow access in one device or location at a time). Just simply link again, click here to relink now.



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