How to add transactions to a portfolio?

Currently, our new portfolio tool does not have the functionality to support transactions.

If you have a legacy portfolio that includes transactions, there's no need to worry. Once the transaction support feature is available, we will convert and migrate your existing transactions to the new version seamlessly.

To provide you with the utmost convenience, we plan to introduce a method to incorporate your complete transaction history on Simply Wall St. This can be achieved through the following options:

  1. Broker Linkage: We aim to offer the ability to link specific brokers that support this feature, allowing for automatic transaction import.

  2. CSV Upload: Our system will be capable of processing various types of CSV formats, making it easy for you to upload and sync your transaction data.

  3. Manual Input: For added flexibility, we will include a feature that enables you to copy and paste multiple values simultaneously, simplifying the manual input process.

We understand the importance of having a comprehensive transaction history to track and manage your investments effectively. Rest assured that we are committed to providing you with the best portfolio management tools, and we appreciate your patience as we work on these enhancements.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we strive to deliver a robust and user-friendly platform for retail investors like you!

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