What countries and brokers are supported for linking?

Below is the list of countries our linking facility is currently made available to.

Please keep in mind that the portfolio information we provide relies on data obtained from your broker. Changes on their end may sometimes disrupt the service temporarily. Rest assured that we are continuously working to ensure seamless data synchronisation and provide the most accurate and timely information possible.

⚈ Australia
⚈ US
⚈ UK
⚈ India
⚈ NZ
⚈ Canada
⚈ Germany
⚈ France
⚈ Netherlands
⚈ Italy
⚈ Spain
⚈ Portugal
⚈ Switzerland
⚈ Ireland
⚈ Norway
⚈ Sweden
⚈ Denmark
⚈ Hong Kong
⚈ Singapore

For the list of brokers: If your country is included in the list, you can visit the portfolio page here to see if your broker is available for linking. In case your broker is not available, you will also have the option to easily create a manual portfolio.

Unsure how to access the portfolio page? Click here to see the quick guide.


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