How secure is your payment facility?

As a finance-related website, the security of our customers is our utmost priority.

Generally, we use two payment methods for your to subscribe to our paid plans. These are via (1) Credit/Debit Card and (2) In-App Purchases. Learn more about the accepted payment methods.

1. For Credit/Debit card payments, we use Stripe as our processor.

Like us Stripe places a strong emphasis on upholding payment security as a top priority. This dedication is evident in the diverse array of tactics it employs to safeguard card data.

Listed below are some of these security measures. If you find yourself hesitant, these measures should help allay your concerns:

  1. PCI Service Provider Level 1 Certification - This represents the highest level of certification in the payments industry.
  2. Employment of Encrypted Data and Communication - Secure communication is ensured through the use of PGP keys.
  3. Adherence to Money Transmitter Licenses - Stripe fully complies with legal regulations that pertain to payment platforms.

For a more in-depth understanding of how Stripe handles security, you may visit their documentation through this link

2. For Apple Pay, visit their security and privacy page here

3. For Google Pay, visit their page here


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