Enforcing Plan Limits To The New Portfolio

How do the portfolio limits vary across the different subscription plans?

  • Free Plan: Access to 1 portfolio with a maximum of 10 holdings.

  • Premium Plan: Access to 3 portfolios, with a limit of 30 holdings per portfolio.

  • Unlimited Plan: Access to 5* portfolios with an unlimited number of holdings.

*If you need more portfolios, please send a message here.

Why are you enforcing the limits to the new portfolio feature?

We've offered our portfolio tool for free while we were laying down its foundations, and thousands of users have adopted it, finding it valuable. However, as part of our growth strategy and to continue enhancing this tool, we're now going to start enforcing plan limits to ensure sustainability and further development.

Can I still use the portfolio feature for free?

Yes! Users on the free plan can still utilise the portfolio feature. We've made adjustments so that even with the enforcement of limits, free users can manage 1 portfolio with up to 10 holdings. This change ensures that our free offering remains valuable and usable for investors who are just getting started.

What are the differences between the old (legacy) portfolio limits and the new portfolio limits?

Previously, portfolio limits were more restrictive. Here are the key differences:

  • Free users can now have 1 portfolio with up to 10 holdings, instead of 5.

  • Premium users can have up to 3 portfolios with 30 holdings each, rather than across all 3 portfolios.

  • Additionally, while we previously restricted the creation of multiple portfolios for free users, we now allow the creation of additional portfolios but limit the visibility of holdings data and analysis for these extra portfolios.

Please keep in mind that if you’re still using the legacy portfolios, the old limits will apply.

What happens if I exceed the allowable number of holdings in a portfolio?

Should your portfolio surpass the permissible number of holdings, you'll encounter restrictions on the additional holdings. These excess holdings will not be factored into your portfolio's overall value, returns, or analytical insights. To ensure you're fully informed, we've implemented straightforward notifications and guidance, detailing how these limitations impact your portfolio's accessibility and capabilities. To overcome these restrictions, you have two primary options: upgrade your plan for immediate removal of these limitations, or modify your portfolio to align with the limits of your current plan.

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What happens if I create more portfolios than my plan allows?

If you create more portfolios than your subscription plan permits, visibility and analytical functions for the additional portfolios will be restricted. Essentially, while you can create new portfolios beyond your limit, you will not be able to access detailed analyses or holdings data for these extra portfolios. We have established intuitive alerts and instructions to guide you through these restrictions, clarifying the impact on your portfolio management and available features. You are presented with two main solutions to address this situation: either upgrade your subscription to access immediate full functionality across all your portfolios or manage your portfolio count to stay within the bounds of your current plan.

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Which Holdings or Portfolios Will Be Subject to Limitations?

Our method for applying limitations is based on the order of addition; the holdings or portfolios that you've added most recently will be the ones to face restrictions should they exceed your plan's allowances. This chronological strategy ensures that the first to be excluded from detailed analysis and data insights are those holdings or portfolios added after you've reached your plan's capacity. This approach helps maintain the integrity of your core portfolio content while aligning with your subscription's terms.

How do these changes benefit me as a user?

These changes are part of our broader effort to enhance the portfolio tool and overall platform. By enforcing these limits, we're able to reinvest in our technology, introduce new features, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our service. All users, including those on free plans, will benefit from an improved, feature-rich platform that continues to evolve based on your feedback and needs.

How Can I Share My Thoughts on These Updates?

We value your input deeply. Should you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the recent changes, we warmly invite you to share your thoughts with us via our feedback form. Your insights play a crucial role in our continuous growth and enhancement.

How Can I Report any issue with Portfolio limits?

If you encounter any problems or inconsistencies with the portfolio limits, please let us know immediately. You can report any issues by contacting our customer success team.



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