Understanding the Subscription Plan Limits

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  1. Subscription Plans Overview
  2. Company Views Limit - How it works and when it resets
  3. Portfolio Limits
  4. Screener Limits
  5. Company Report Excel and PDF Export


Subscription Plans Overview

Visit https://simplywall.st/plans for an overview and detailed comparison of plans and the available features of our platform.


Company Views Limit

Users on the Premium Plan can view up to 30 stocks per month, while Free Plan users are limited to 5. Users on the highest tier plan don't have a limit in viewing company reports.

How views limit works and when it resets?

The slots for the company report views will reset monthly based on your subscription date. For example, if you subscribe to the Premium Plan or your subscription has been switched to the Free Plan on the 6th of April, the allotted company views limit will also reset on the 6th of every month.

What if I opened a company report by mistake, will it be counted? How will I know if I will be using a company view credit/slot?

For Premium Plan User

As part of the privileges of a Premium Plan user, as long as you have not viewed the whole company report, it will not take a slot from the allotted 30 company views credit. Once you click the View Report button when you reach the Valuation section, that's the only time it will be added to your viewed companies and will be considered as 1 viewed company.

view report-20240509-120148.gif

For Free and Trialing Users

Free and Trialing users will not be prompted to decide whether to view the full report and use one slot. If you open a company report, it will immediately take up 1 slot from the allotted views, regardless of whether you have viewed the full report or not.

Does opening 1 company report multiple times be counted as 1 company view slot only?

Yes. Once the stock’s company report is added to your Viewed Company list for that particular month, it will only take 1 slot from the allotted limit regardless of how many times you open it.

Important Note:
Each listing of the same stock will be counted separately. For example, Apple Inc. has multiple listings, viewing NasdaqGS:AAPL (listed in Nasdaq Exchange in the US) and then viewing their other listing like WBAG:AAPL (listed in Weiner Borse in Vienna) will be counted as 2 company view slots.

What happens when I use up all my Company Views limit?

You’d normally be prompted to upgrade your subscription as soon as you maxed out your limit. You may choose to upgrade to the Unlimited plan or wait for your monthly reset day as explained above.

To review the companies you have previously viewed and the number of days that you need to wait for when a slot becomes available again, simply click the user icon and then click the "View Companies" button.

view companies-20240509-123917.gif


Portfolio Limits

The limits in the new portfolio tool vary across different subscription plans. Exceeding the permissible number of holdings will result in restrictions on additional holdings, which will not be factored into your portfolio's overall value, returns, or analytical insights.

  • Free Plan: Access to 1 portfolio with a maximum of 10 holdings.
  • Premium Plan: Access to 3 portfolios, with a limit of 30 holdings per portfolio.
  • Unlimited Plan: Access to 5 portfolios with an unlimited number of holdings.

For further information about Portfolio limits, kindly visit Enforcing Plan Limits To The New Portfolio.


Screener Limits

The number of saved screeners varies based on your plan. Beyond the limit, only 4 results will be displayed for any excess saved screeners, and they will not trigger screener alerts.

  • Free Plan: 0 saved screeners, 4 screener results.
  • Premium Plan: 3 saved screeners.
  • Unlimited Plan: 10 saved screeners.


Company Report: Exporting to Excel or PDF

(1) This feature is available for Unlimited Plan users only.
(2) When using a mobile device, you cannot download PDF and CSV files due to compatibility issues. We recommend using a laptop or desktop for PDF and CSV exports.

The Download to PDF feature allows you to convert the company analysis report into a downloadable PDF format, while the CSV file contains all the raw data used within the report. The CSV file is ideal for those who want to do other calculations by themselves through a spreadsheet program.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 8.58.24 PM-20240509-125951.png



Still have questions or need further assistance?

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