What important updates and events are being sent to me?

Here's the list of important updates and events of companies that we send straight to your inbox based on the stocks you added in either your Portfolio or Watchlist. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to the Important Update in your Notifications setting to be able to receive these: 

  1. Reported earnings
  2. Dividend-related updates
    • Upcoming dividend
    • Special dividend announcement
    • Increase/decrease on dividend payment 
  3. Major revision of financial estimates
  4. If the consensus Price Target from various Analysts has changed
  5. If the company is reported to have a merger or acquisition target
  6. Breakeven date has changed
  7. If there's a new update on valuation
  8. If the company reported an Executive's departure
  9. Has reported recent insider transactions
  10. If there's a new risk detected
  11. If there's a buying opportunity based on when a stock becomes undervalued
  12. Doubts on auditor's going concern
  13. Announcement of Buyback Transactions
  14. Reorganisation due to Bankruptcy
  15. Lawsuits or legal issues
  16. If the company has Follow-on Offering


Want to know how to enable notifications? Click here to see the guide on how to modify your email notifications.


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