When is your data and stock prices get updated?


  1. How do I know when the company report was last updated?
  2. How often is the underlying data updated?
  3. Data doesn’t look up to date, what should I do?



How do I know when the company report was last updated?

Simply Wall St Company Reports is updated every day. To see when the company data was last updated, check the timestamp beside the word “Updated” on top of the Company Overview section.

Note: All our data comes from S&P Global Market Intelligence. Most changes related to a company’s fundamentals, management, prices, past financials, and future estimates are usually updated on an intraday basis. In the sections below we have provided more information about the timelines for the specific updates. For more information on our data sourcing and collection process, you can check out this link Where does Simply Wall St source its financial data?





How often is the underlying data updated?

Data Set

Typical Update Frequency

  Processing Time

Share prices

End of day

  Up to 6hrs


Every Quarter

  1- 3 days (English Financial Statement)
  10-22 days (Non-English)

Consensus Analyst Estimates    

24-48 hours

  Up to 6hrs (batched with stock price update)

Top Shareholders section

No fixed update interval

1-3 days for most of the companies

Insider Transactions

No fixed update interval

1-3 days


Share price: Updated at the end of every day. To see when the price data was last updated, go to the “Price History & Performance” chart under the “Company Overview” section where the last price would be mentioned. We are also currently looking at the possibility of providing live pricing (20 minutes delayed) in the future.

Earnings: Updated every quarter for most companies. To see when earnings were last updated, hover your mouse over the latest earnings or revenue data points in the “Earnings and Revenue History” chart under the “Past Performance” section.

Note: There might be delays in data updates in instances where companies report interim earnings or unconsolidated financial statements etc as these are prone to errors and/or correction. Our data provider usually starts collecting and collating data after a company files official reports after which they get populated into our database. Learn more on how our financial data are collected through this link: How financial data are collected? 

Each of the above updates can also be accessed via a snapshot provided at the end of every company report in the Company Information section on our platform:

Updates to consensus analyst estimates: Any changes in broker estimates that lead to changes in the consensus will get updated within the next 24-48 hours. Analyst numbers are presented using the trailing twelve months (TTM) annual period and you can check the last update by hovering your mouse over your period of interest (2025 in the example below). For more information on our analyst estimates data, you can go to this link: Which brokers/analysts provide future estimates for companies on Simply Wall St?

For an in-depth insight into how we analyze companies, you can also view the documentation of our analysis model through this link: https://support.simplywall.st/hc/en-us/sections/360000361075-Stock-Analysis

Top Shareholders: Changes in the number of shares held by entities in the top shareholders usually take around 1 to 3 days to be reflected in our report. To check the last update, hover your mouse over the calendar icon located on the right side of the shareholder's name.


Insider Transactions: New insider transactions are reflected in our report within 1-3 days. To view the latest insider transactions, simply go to the Recent Insider Transactions section.

Note: We only capture the insider transactions done in the open market and private transactions (a.k.a off-market or negotiated transactions). This allows us to have a quick overview of the sentiments of the insiders as opposed to including non-open market transactions or those that are done automatically due to an exercise of derivatives/options. For more information about the Ownership section, please visit this link: https://support.simplywall.st/hc/en-us/articles/8787431138831-Understanding-The-Management-and-Ownership-Sections#Ownership-Section



Data doesn’t look up to date, what should I do?

If you think the data doesn't look up to date and is not in conformity with the timing of the update as presented above, kindly contact our Support Team here.



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